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Empower your play experience anytime, anywhere! Flakex brings together players and friends in your vicinity, ensuring optimal turnout. Calling all trainers, instructors, and coaches – leverage Flakex to connect with enthusiastic trainees.

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Flakex is a mobile application that was created to give opportunities to branch out and meet new people with shared interests in an active environment. Originally designed to link people for “pick up” games, Flakex has expanded its platform to incorporate a training category, allowing trainers, instructors and coaches to reach out to potential trainees, vise-versa. The categories for “pick up” games have also expanded, allowing for more opportunities to connect with players for a better turnout. As always, every profile has a Flakex percentage, which is determined by a ratio of how often a participant attends the activities they agree to. Flakex is free to use, and requires users to be respectful of everyone in the community.

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